Is this course for me?

If any of these apply, this is the course for you!

  • I have tried various ways to manage my weight in the past

  • I am maintaining my weight, but wish it was easier sometimes

  • I know what to do and yet I struggle to follow through consistently

  • When I do lose weight, it seems to find me again

  • I am tired of thinking about weight, feeling like I haven't done enough, and feeling uncomfortable in my own body

  • I am ready to learn why this can be a struggle for many people and what is holding me back so I can hack it for good!

What's Included

  • Downloadable Toolkit

    Each chapter is included in our downloadable and printable toolkit to maximize your habits and set up your environment to support your journey and help you reach your goals.

  • 28 Video Lessons

    Learn about how evolution, our physiology, habits, beliefs, and environment make weight loss hard. Once we know why, it is easier to implement changes that lead to success. These lessons also offer practical tips and hacks you can implement right away.

  • Community

    Join our online community and connect with other Journey Health Academy students who are also working towards their healthiest lives through movement, mindset, and nutrition one step at a time.

Your Instructor

Andrea Sereda


Andrea Sereda is a behavioural health coach, group fitness instructor, and certified personal trainer known for her fun and engaging ways to get people eating better and moving more. After conquering a life long battle with obesity, Andrea shifted her work to behavioural health coaching and fitness training developing an approach to weight management and health improvement that is sustainable and attainable. Andrea holds a Master of Social Work degree and is certified through World Obesity in the Strategic Care for Obesity Professional Education, the only internationally-recognized certification in obesity management. She is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and a Fitness Instructor Specialist through CanFitPro. She has been featured in Forks Over Knives Magazine, Impact Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, and on Global Television.


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Are you ready?

At the end of this course you will be able to begin to modify your habits, tweak your environment, and shift your mindset to support you on your journey to your healthiest life.