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Are you tired of battling your weight? Are you ready to ditch food anxiety and the crazy making of dieting? Do you long to feel comfortable in your body and confident in your knowledge to take good care of it? You have come to the right place. I struggled for decades, trying every plan out there only to regain the weight (and often more). Whether you endeavour to reduce or weight, improve your physical health, or your emotional relationship with your body - I can help. I have been there and I have taken the guess work out of what works for weight loss. Not only do I know it, I live it everyday and practice it with my clients at my studio and the physicians office where I support clients to achieve their Best Weight and optimal health through nutrition, mindset, and movement. You will not find any fads here, just evidence-based, sustainable practices that allow you to love your life and maintain your success for the long term. Let's embark on this journey together.
150 pound weight loss


  • Health Focused

    Our approach is health focused. We work towards your Best Weight, which is different from an "ideal weight". Your Best Weight is whatever weight you are when you are living the healthiest life you can enjoy.

  • Sustainable

    We won't do anything you are't willing to do for the rest of your life because we don't want any weight you lose to find its way back! To do that, we need to craft a life you love while you are losing, so you can maintain it for the longterm.

  • Evidence-based

    Our approach is evidence-based and real world tested. We have created a roadmap for health success. Even if you have tried what feels like everything, there is hope. We take it one step at a time with what we KNOW works for


I don't just know it, I have lived it

Andrea Sereda


Andrea Sereda is a behavioural health coach, group fitness instructor, and certified personal trainer known for her fun and engaging ways to get people eating better and moving more. After conquering a life long battle with obesity, Andrea shifted her work to behavioural health coaching and fitness training developing an approach to weight management and health improvement that is sustainable and attainable. Andrea holds a Master of Social Work degree and is certified through World Obesity in the Strategic Care for Obesity Professional Education, the only internationally-recognized certification in obesity management. She is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and a Fitness Instructor Specialist through CanFitPro. She has been featured in Forks Over Knives Magazine, Impact Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, and on Global Television.
Forks Over Knives
Impact Magazine
Chicago Tribune

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What people are saying

“Amazing and engaging, Andrea inspires and motivates as she instructs dynamic classes, educates about nutrition and helps others by drawing from specialized training, extensive research, and her own experiences.”


“Between her background in social work, her personal health journey and her warm personality, I'd recommend her to anyone looking for support and inspiration to make health-focused lifestyle changes. She's a powerhouse of humour, generosity and amazing food and fitness tips. ”


“It has been an incredibly rewarding journey to be learning from Andrea. From attending her various fitness classes to becoming educated about nutrition through her practical and applicable solutions, I feel healthy and inspired to keep on keeping on. She is incredibly motivational, inspirational and encouraging and is the reason that I feel stronger, fitter, and healthier than ever.”


“18 months ago I embarked on a weight loss journey with Andrea Sereda. Through her education and guidance in areas of nutrition, caloric monitoring, and exercise, I was able to lose weight and keep it off. I have benefited immensely from her Zumba exercise program, on line workshops, videos and recipes which have kept me on track and motivated. My journey has been about awareness, change and methodical progress not only to achieve but, maintain a healthy lifestyle. Without Andrea’s assistance, I would not feel as well as I do now, mentally or physically.”


“One of the kindest souls that I have ever met. I found Andrea's journey to be highly inspirational to my own, and would recommend her services and guidance to anyone in need of that supportive hand in their personal life enhancement journey. Way to go Andrea on reaching your own goals and helping others do the same!”